Fibre Optic Cabling Installer in Birmingham

Fibre optic cables are a way to send and receive high-speed data. These cables are better than their copper alternative, with improved performance, durability and distance. At Datacat Network Cabling, we provide fibre optic cabling installation services throughout Birmingham to ensure that you and your business have the cables you need.

What Cabling Types Do We Offer?

While fibre optic cabling comes in two types, Single and Multimode, our team focuses on Multimode cabling. Multimode fibre optic cables are made using LED, and the cables have a wider diameter. This allows more light and information to pass through without losing any of your data. These cables are better for short distances.

Because of the benefits of Multimode fibre optic cabling, they are better for single-site buildings. Our team often installs them into commercial settings like administration, business and education settings. These cables were designed to handle many different network needs at once, which allows your employees, students and clients to get their work finished quickly.

How Does Our Installation Process Work?

Our fibre optic cabling installer will go to your premises in or around Birmingham to install the cabling. We often will install the cable itself, LC connectors and LC – LC couplers. If you suspect that conditions in your area may take a toll on the cables, then we can install armour cables like CST (corrugated steel tube) or SWA (steel wire armoured) cables.

If you need any advice about what options you should get or where they should go, please ask our installers. They will be happy to assist you throughout the process to ensure that your cabling can keep up with your bandwidth. To request a quote, call us. Our number is 020 7754 5740. You can also email us at or fill out our contact form.