Cat6 data cabling installer in London

Entry Level.

Cat6 has replaced Cat5e as the entry-level network cabling for business use. Thanks to improved technology and a higher demand, the material cost for Cat6 has plummeted. The majority of businesses now adopt Cat6 as their minimum standard.

Cat6 transfers packets of data at a higher frequency compared to the older Cat5e standard, therefore providing greater bandwidth. The resulting user experience is faster, particularly when using multiple applications at once.

For this reason we recommend Cat6 network cabling as the minimum network cabling standard for today’s commercial environment.

Maintaining Standards.

We use the latest generation of testing (Psiber WX4500) equipment to ensure Cat6 is installed in accordance with industry regulations and manufacturer’s requirements.

All Cat6 cabling installed by Datacat is backed by a minimum 20 year manufacturer’s warranty certificate. Full test results are recorded and provided in PDF form.

Safety Assured.

Under CPR (Construction Products Regulations) all new-build cabling has to be minimum fire-rated class C (Cca) in order to conform to BS6701-A1. As a result, we at Datacat will only install Cca cable, even when adding to an existing install. So with us, you can consider your safety assured.