Cat6 Data Cable Installation in London

CAT6 Network Cabling London

In recent years CAT6 has almost entirely replaced CAT5e as the entry-level standard cabling for business use.

CAT5e supports the transmission of data at 1 Gbps, but is limited in terms of the number of packets it can handle at once. CAT6 allows for higher frequecy and therefore greater throughput. With networks transferring data for multiple applications the resulting user experience is faster networking, for instance when accessing large graphic files.

For this reason CAT6 network cabling is the minimum entry level standard in today’s business world.

An example of our Cat6 data cable installation in London

CAT6 used to be considerably more expensive and trickier to install than CAT5e. But thanks to improved cable technology and a higher demand leading to cheaper costs, more and more businesses now adopt CAT6 as their basic standard. However it is still vitally important to install CAT6 in accordance with industry norms and manufacturer’s regulations. It is then vital to test it to ensure that it meets the performance that the standard demands.

All CAT6 cabling installed by Datacat meets the relevant standards and is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty certificate. We also provide you with comprehensive test results.

Under CPR (Construction Products Regulations) all new cabling installed has to be fire-rated class C (Cca) in order to conform to  BS6701 A1. Datacat recommend that all cables installed are Cca.