Cat6A data cabling installer in London

Next Gen.

The growing need for 10Gb transmission over ethernet has seen a large increase in the deployment of Cat6A in recent years.

In many cases networks are made up of a combination of Cat6 to the desktop and Cat6A to Wireless Access Points. However, Cat6A to the desktop is a must for networks where a stable 10Gb connection is required. Typically in media, for video editing etc, or for streaming applications. Or simply for when running multiple applications at once.

As the demand placed on cabled and wireless networks continues to grow, Cat6A will soon overtake Cat6 the dominant standard.


CAT6A is available in shielded (F/UTP) or unshielded (UTP) versions. Shielded, while it has its advantages in environments with a high risk of electromagnetic interference, depends on the correct earthing of the cabinet. UTP cable, however, is generally more expensive that F/UTP. We will always be happy to recommend the best solution for every installation and explain why.

Setting the standards.

All Cat6A cabling provided by Datacat is tested with a cable-analyser to ensure it meets industry standards. As well as providing comprehensive test results, these results will be sent to the relevant manufacturer and a warranty certificate provided. .

Under CPR (Construction Products Regulations) all new-build cabling has to be minimum fire-rated class C (Cca). This is in order to conform to BS6701-A1. As a result, we at Datacat will only install Cca cable, even when adding to an existing install. So with us, you can consider your safety assured.