Network Cabling Birmingham

You may be familiar with Cat5 and CAT5e cables, which have been the standard network cable for many years. Now, however, Cat6 cables offer great connectivity and less crosstalk that would disrupt communication. If your business is ready for an upgrade, rely on Datacat for Cat6 and Cat6A 10Gbps standard cable installation.

If your building needs the fastest Internet speeds available, we also install fibre optic cabling systems. Multimode fibre optics are used often in business and administrative environments to ensure fast and reliable data transmission.

We can also ensure that your comms room stays organized and tidy. Cable management and organization can be complicated, especially in facilities with many users or a high rate of expansion and turnover. Datacat comms room services are available for new offices, upgrades and moves to make sure that your system is easy to navigate and troubleshoot.

Our Commitment

The professionals at Datacat are dedicated to providing thorough services. We start with an overview of your plans, including any details you can give such as floor plans and the type of cabling your facility will need. After we offer you a quote and receive a deposit, we can schedule the work to be done as quickly as possible.

We will communicate with you throughout the installation process so that you can stay informed about any changes and make any necessary upgrades.

To learn more about our services, call 020 7754 5740.