Access Control

Cloud-based Access Control

Datacat Network Solutions partner with Motorola security systems that include AI video surveillance and patented cloud-controlled access control.

Motorola’s Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) creates smart, customisable access control solutions. By combining sleek hardware with cloud-based enterprise software, Openpath enables mobile, hands-free entry and makes system management easier than ever.

Our scalable, open platform seamlessly integrates with best-of-breed partners across a wide range of categories used to most efficiently run your business.

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  • Completely mobile system, with contactless entry, no card passes or codes required.
  • Patented Triple-Unlock technology using BLE, Wi-Fi, and Cellular signals.
  • Two-factor authentication is optional.
  • Can be integrated with the solutions you already use.
  • Real-time Reporting – See access events as they happen via mobile app.
  • Mobile Unlock or Wave to Unlock features. Cloud-Based – Manage your system from anywhere.
  • Fast, reliable and secure hands-free entry.
    Completely mobile cloud-based system.
  • Patented Triple-Unlock technology
  • Completely contactless entry.
  • Replaces PIN pads and biometric scanners
  • Manage all sites and users from a single cloud-based interface.
  • Real-time, customisable remote access control 24/7
  • Guest passes – Text a one-time key to visitors to allow access using their mobile.


Datacat offers a comprehensive solution, encompassing access control design, provision, and installation. This allows you to manage access—granting or denying it—at various entry points throughout your premises, whether it’s a single door or multiple entries. All of this is facilitated through a unified cloud platform. Users and entry points can be categorized separately, enabling precise control over access for individuals or groups, across single or multiple entry points.


The Avigilon Alta access control system offers flexibility with magnetic or latch locks tailored to your security needs. Utilizing the cloud-based Control Centre streamlines equipment needs while enabling comprehensive management of users, entries, and setting alerts and alarms (e.g., for doors left open, forced entry, or failed access attempts) through a unified interface.