Cloud CCTV

What makes Datacat’s CCTV solution indispensable for your security

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system’s have long been used by commercial businesses and in domestic applications to deter crime and monitor activity. However, for a long time the technology has stagnated. Thankfully, that is all about to change.

Here at Datacat Network Solutions, we offer a cloud-based solution that harnesses AI technology not only to enable you to monitor your premises in real time from anywhere in the world, but also to alert you of a wide range of actions in real-time, bringing active security into the modern age.

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Datacat install Motorola’s cutting-edge ‘Avigilon Alta Cloud Video’, an innovative product that offers cameras with both internal storage and real-time cloud access, as well as all the features one should expect from a modern security system. This grants you access to the cameras’ functionality from anywhere in the world over the internet, allowing you real-time or historic viewing no matter where you are via the desktop or native mobile applications.

Their AI self-learning lets you set alarms for various environmental changes, like someone entering a room or a vehicle coming into view. Our cameras have sensors for sounds like breaking glass and can detect shifts in temperature, footfall analytics, and more. If you just need basic viewing and recording without alerts or analytics, it’s still competitively priced.

What sets Alta apart from a traditional CCTV system?

Conventional CCTV systems are outdated, often relying on on-site recording units (NVRs) and primarily serving retrospective viewing. Their complex interfaces typically require trained engineers for operation.

In contrast, Alta, a cloud-based system with AI analytics, operates in real time post-setup. It automatically alerts you to anomalies and can be managed by anyone willing to learn. Alternatively, Datacat offers remote management services for a nominal fee, eliminating costly on-site visits.

Avigilon Alta Cloud Video enhances overall security and workplace well-being by actively deterring unwanted activities, prioritizing the safety of employees and customers. All cameras are accessible through the same Alta Aware cloud portal, whether they’re at one site or multiple locations. This unified platform allows real-time viewing in high definition, remote setting of alerts and alarms, and access to analytics.

The AI capabilities of Avigilon Alta are remarkable and best experienced through a demonstration, which we can arrange virtually or on-site at your convenience.

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How does the support after installation look?

After installing an Alta CCTV system, maximising its effectiveness depends on leveraging its features effectively. That’s why we provide an ongoing support package, covering monthly cloud licensing fees, unlimited technical support, and regular health-checks. This ensures you extract the maximum value from your system while having peace of mind knowing that all cameras are operational as needed.

To learn more about Alta CCTV, contact us today to schedule a demonstration of its innovative features. Guide prices and a free survey are available upon request.